BRICS SasyaRakshak - 250ml



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Product Description

SasyaRakshak is a water-soluble plant protectant, carefully designed to contain all good constituents derived from select botanicals of known pesticidal properties. The combination of active ingredients from these plant sources provides excellent protection to the crop plants against sucking (Aphids, thrips, mites, mealybugs, hoppers, and bugs) as well as biting ( leafminers, caterpillars, beetles, weevils) insects.

It is the ideal biological agriculture product that helps in repelling many kinds of phytophagous mites, thrips, leaf miners, red spiders, etc.

Active ingredients from various plant extracts- 50%

Inert and functional media- 50%


10ml SasyaRakshak per liter of water, Aerial spray to completely cover the crop plants and to be applied at 7-10 days’ interval for better results.