Quantum Leaf Bokashi Bran - Classic - 450g, Brown

Quantum Leaf

Bokashi Bran - Classic

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Maximum Order Quantity is 4 pcs

Compost accelerator for both aerobic and anaerobic composting applications

A fermentative product made from proven and globally popular consortium of beneficial microbes "EM1" (Effective Microorganisms).

  • No chemical ingredients.
  • Suitable for any make and model of composting equipment of any size that require administration of composting microbes in powder form.
  • Suitable for accelerating composting process of both kitchen waste and garden/farm yard waste.

Composting duration: Refer to the respective composting equipment manual / method in which you are using the bokashi bran.

General recommendation - 1:100 for aerobic process. I.e. 1 kg Bokashi bran for 100kg fresh waste
For Bokashi composting; 1 tbsp for every open handful of shredded kitchen waste.

Note: Follow the dosage recommended by the respective equipment supplier