Quantum Leaf Cocochip Brick - 650g, Brown
  • Quantum Leaf Cocochip Brick - 650g, Brown
  • Quantum Leaf Cocochip Brick - 650g, Brown
  • Quantum Leaf Cocochip Brick - 650g, Brown

Quantum Leaf

Cocochip Brick

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Maximum Order Quantity is 3 gms

Introducing our versatile Cocochip Bricks, the eco-friendly solution for all your gardening needs! Made from a blend of coconut fronds and outer coconut shell, these blocks offer a sustainable alternative for enhancing your plants' growth.

Mulching Marvel: Create a protective layer on the soil with our Cocochip Bricks. Their natural composition helps retain moisture, suppress weed growth, and regulate soil temperature, ensuring your garden stays healthy and vibrant. Evenly spread the cocochips on the soil in the planter up to 1 inch thick. Ensure you provide a clearance of 2-3 inches around the plant to avoid the stem rotting due to moisture.

Hydroponic Haven: Experience superior water retention and optimal aeration in your hydroponic systems with Cocochip Bricks. Their porous structure promotes healthy root development and nutrient absorption, leading to robust plant growth and thriving crops.

Orchid Oasis: Give your orchids the perfect growing environment with Cocochip Bricks. These chunks of coconut goodness provide excellent drainage and air circulation, mimicking the orchids' natural habitat and encouraging beautiful blooms.

Whether you're mulching, diving into hydroponics, or cultivating delicate orchids, our Cocochip Bricks are your go-to solution for sustainable gardening success. Embrace nature's bounty and elevate your green space with this eco-friendly essential.

To break down a Cocochip brick into manageable chunks, begin by placing the block in a container filled with water, 5 times the weight of the brick. Allow the brick to soak for an hour or even better overnight. As the brick absorbs water, it will start to expand and soften. Once sufficiently soaked, use your hands or a gardening tool to break apart the block into smaller chunks. These softened chunks can then be easily separated and used for mulching, hydroponic systems, orchid cultivation, or any other gardening application requiring this sustainable growing medium.