Quantum Leaf Neem Cake - 450g, Brown

Quantum Leaf

Neem Cake

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Product Description:
Neem cake is one of the organic supplements that offers double benefits to the soil.

It is an excellent combination of wide variety of macro and micro nutrients as well as pest and disease control properties.

It has good NPK contribution to the soil. Its distinct capability as nitrification inhibitor (I.e. avoiding conversion of nitrogen from root available form to gas) makes it a must soil amendment both in gardening and farming practices.

However, a more important reason why you need to add neem cake in the soil is its pest and disease control properties. The bitter component of the soil and cake have been reported to have seven types of activities (a)antifeedant (b) attractant (c) repellent (d) insecticide (e)nematicide (f) growth disruptor and (g) antimicrobial.

The cake contains salannin, nimbin, azadirachtin and azadiradione as the major components. Of these, azadirachtin and meliantriol are used as locust antifeedants while salannin is used as an antifeedant for the housefly.

Our Neem cake contains upto 10% oil content.

Application Guideline:

1) New potting mix - add at the rate of 30g per sqft

2) As fermented liquid feed - 2 to 3 gm per sqft.

Frequency: weekly to monthly depending on your other nutrition application pattern. Experiment and determine your own schedule.

1kg of cake (mix) in 15-20 lt. water
Ferment for 24hr, strain the liquid.
Further dilute in 1:2-3 ratio while watering