Quantum Leaf Pongemia Cake - 450g, Grey

Quantum Leaf

Pongemia Cake

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Product Description:
Pongamia cake is an excellent natural nutrition supplement rich in Nitrogen and many micro nutrients. It is widely used in organic gardening & farming as nutrition supplement mixed in the soil along with neem cake and other edible and non edible oil seed cakes.

It is also effective as nematicide, particularly helpful to control or suppress the growth of root knot nematodes and other soil borne diseases.

Our pongemia cake contains up to 10% oil content

Application Guideline:

1) New potting mix - add at the rate of 30g per sqft

2) As fermented liquid feed - 2 to 3 gm per sqft.

Frequency: weekly to monthly depending on your other nutrition application pattern. Experiment and determine your own schedule.

1kg of cake (mix) in 15-20 lt. water
Ferment for 24hr, strain the liquid.
Further dilute in 1:2-3 ratio while watering