Quantum Leaf Winter special seeds pack - Assorted, Assorted

Quantum Leaf

Winter special seeds pack

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Presenting you a carefully curated package of winter vegetables suitable for sowing from Aug until Nov to enjoy harvests throughout winter!



Most of the seeds are heirloom seeds ( = open pollinated, desi, naati), while very few are hybrid seeds. In each label, you can make out which variety the seeds are.

This catalogue is the result of careful cherry picking of best commonly used varieties from 12-15 seed manufacturers. In our nursery and garden, we first sow them and verify for germination and genuinity of variety for our own confirmation before packing them for you.

Use the seeds within 3 months from purchase. Please note that the seeds are packed in paper covers and avoid plastic.

We recommend you use the seeds within the season of purchase. You can always buy  new pkt from us as we replenish our stock with fresh packets every 4-6 weeks to ensure viability of seeds.

*Seeds per pkt.*

Vary depending on the size and value.
Greens seeds typically serve up to 8 sqft and provide up to 10 bunches.

Availability of seeds in the package is subject to seasonal variations.

Out of Stock